Your Free Downloadable eBook on the Industry Standard Protection for Solar Systems

SolaTrim is the Industry Standard barrier against birds, rodents and other environmental threats. Our free downloadable eBook provides key information on our all-climate lifetime protection that gives your customers peace-of-mind while beautifying their home.

SolaTrim helps protect your customers’ solar systems while helping you build your business. The ebook includes valuable information about:

  • Our strong, durable barrier that keeps pests and debris out
  • How our product gives solar panels a finished look
  • The benefits of a SolaTrim installation
  • Specs on adhesive and sub-array temperatures
  • System features and specifications

Learn how SolaTrim will give your company a competitive edge.


Is SolaTrim Right for Your Company?

We’d like to help you decide. SolaTrim is easy to install and provides lifetime protection in all climates for your customers’ solar systems.



SolaTrim provides key benefits that will help your solar installation business grow.
  • Increase closing percentages – our product looks beautiful in your sales presentation and helps you stand out from competitors.
  • Increase referral ratesSolaTrim delivers satisfied customers. By eliminating environmental problems that anger customers, they’ll only have good things to say about solar.
  • Boost profit marginsSolaTrim is a high-value up-sell to your customers, helping you realize as much as $.20/watt.
  • Reduce O&M costs – forget about pest damage, debris removal and clean up. Fewer service calls to solve customer problems will save you money.

SolaTrim has several advantages over a simple wire mesh. It is a strong product made of lightweight aluminum with an aviation grade adhesive tape that seals it thoroughly to your solar panels. It is extreme temperature tested and comes with a 20-year warranty. We like that it is designed to be a permanent solution that will last the lifetime of the panels.”


Suncatcher Solar of Canada